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Hail Damage MNMinnesota Impact Resistant Shingles

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Are any Minnesota shingles impact resistant? That is a good question because there is approximately $1 billion in damage done to roofs each year due to hail storms. From the years 1991 to 1995, hail damage resulted in nearly $8 billion in insurance payouts for each year.

When hail damage occurs to shingles, there may be severe granule loss, the shingles may lose material at their edges, and penetration is also possible. If wind is involved, then the damage becomes much worse.

Fortunately, there are new shingle designs that are able to resist both hail and wind. If you currently have old shingles on your roof, then you may already have hail damage or you will have hail damage. Some of the older asphalt shingles that are currently on roofs around Minnesota are not designed to handle the harsh environment of a hail storm. As a matter of fact, many of these older roofs have got wear and tear that makes them weaker than what they used to be.

New shingles

There are several manufacturers offering resistance to the effects of weather. Not only do they resist hail, but they can resist flying debris. These shingle products are known as Class 4 shingles. These are shingles that meet standards that are quite stringent. These standards are set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

The manufacturing methods that are used are meant to keep the granules attached and prevent the shingles from breaking during impact. And when high winds occur, the shingles stay attached to the sheathing.

When these shingles are tested, steel balls are used and the resulting damage is observed. The shingles that receive the Class 4 rating are those that are more resistant. The rest are classified accordingly. However, this does not state that Class 4 shingles are 100% hail resistant. If the hail is big enough and there are other factors at play, damage can still be done.

There’s help

So despite the fact that no shingle is completely hail resistant, there is a Minnesota hail roofing contractor that can help. First of all, you call the Minnesota contractor after a hail storm and see if there has been any damage. If there is, then the damage can be repaired. The Minnesota hail roofing contractor will repair the damaged areas. If you are using a Class 4 rating shingle, you may not have to have a complete roof replacement unless the damage is extensive. It is not impossible, but the shingles are much harder to damage than those classes beneath it.

If you don’t have Class 4 shingles, then Minnesota roof replacement is an option and you can have Class 4 shingles placed upon your home if you wish. That way you can avoid extensive hail damage in the future.

So call Berkeshire Exteriors at 763-746-4913 to find out how easy it is to receive Impact resistant shingles in Minnesota. Whether you are contending with hail damage now or are concerned about it in the future, it is never too early to make a move.

Hail Damage Roof Minneapolis MN

How to Choose a Minneapolis roofing contractor for Minnesota hail damage.

Minneapolis hail damage repair, Minnesota hail damage, Minneapolis roofing contractor

Hail Damage MNHail stones come in different sizes that range from pea size to golf ball size. However, damage can occur to your roof regardless the size. There are several factors that come into play when that unexpected Minnesota hail damages the roof. Those factors include the pitch of the roof and the wind speed at the time the hail falls. If the hail impacts the roof directly, then it causes more damage than if the impact is a glancing blow.

When hail damage occurs to asphalt shingles, severe granule loss, damage to the edge material, and possible penetration can occur. The newer asphalt shingles that are made today are more resistant to Minnesota hail damage than the older ones, but they are not invincible.

If you have experienced hail damage to your roof, then you need to find an experienced Minneapolis roofing contractor to do your Minneapolis hail damage repair for you. Here are the steps to finding a Minneapolis roofing contractor to take care of your hail damage:

•Look for a quality Minneapolis roofers. Berkeshire Exteriors is a great place to start.

•Make sure that the Minneapolis roofing contractors that you locate have a physical business location, a telephone number, a business license if your locality requires one, and a tax identification number.

•Ask a Minneapolis roofing contractor if they have insurance and to provide you with proof of that insurance. When you see his proof, make sure the insurance is in effect during the time in which the Minnesota hail damage repair is occurring on your roof. If they are not properly insured, you could be held liable for any accidents that occur on your property.

•The contractor should be financially stable. The company can prove this by providing financial information about themselves.

•Ask for client references so that you know that the Minneapolis roofing contractor has a proven record.

•Since there are certain roofing manufacturers that some professionals are approved applicators for, they should be able to provide you with a list of those manufacturers.

•The contractor should cover every detail of the Minneapolis hail damage repair on your roof ranging from their quality control procedures and how project supervision is done.

•See if the contractor has any local or national memberships in an association.

•You can also check the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any customer complaints.

•You may also wish to ask about training and education. This can say a lot about the experience of the Minneapolis roofing contractor you are talking to.

Once you gather information from several Minneapolis roofing contractors, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding which company you are going to allow to do your Minneapolis hail damage repair.

When you choose the right company, then you can feel comfortable with the fact that the job will be done right. There will be a safety plan in place, insurance in place, and experienced workers who know how to do their job. And when it’s all said and done, your roof will be brand new and more resistant against future hail storms.

If you encounter hail damage, please call Berkeshire Exteriors at 763-746-4913.

Minneapolis hail damage repair, Minnesota hail damage, Minneapolis roofing contractor

Hail Damage MN Insurance Claims

Hail Damage MNHail Damage Insurance Claims

Minneapolis hail damage insurance, Minnesota Insurance, Minnesota roofing contractor

Even if you look at your roof after a hail storm and you don’t see any damage doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. Hail storms can be quite powerful and although the issue may not be visible now doesn’t mean that it won’t make its self known in the form of a leak or shingles that seem to blow away when the wind blows at low speeds.

One way to prevent having to pay an incredible cost again and again after hail storms is to look into Minneapolis hail damage insurance.

What is Minneapolis hail damage insurance?

If you’re not sure what Minneapolis hail damage insurance is, it is insurance that helps you pay for damage that is done to your roof due to hail storms. This Minnesota insurance will save you a lot of money in roof repairs and replacement.

But if you don’t think you need Minneapolis hail damage insurance, think again. Here are some myths and facts surrounding hail damage:

•    “There must not be any damage since no shingles are missing.” The truth behind this statement is that shingles don’t have to be missing. The only way they will be is if the wind blew the right way during the hail storm.

•    “If I don’t have a leak, my roof must be fine.” All you need is for a hail storm to cause small cracks in your shingles. Those cracks grow over time and can cause leakage years down the road.

•    “My roof is brand new and has a manufacturer’s warranty.” Although the manufacturer’s warranty may still be in place, hail damage is always excluded from the warranty.

•    “I don’t have to file an insurance claim if there is very little damage.” If a Minnesota roofing contractor tells you that there is very little damage, you still are able to file a claim because damage is damage.

•    “But my rates will increase if I file a claim.” Why have the insurance if you’re not going to file a claim to fix your roof? Your rates may rise, but rates rise eventually no matter what. Instead of paying your premium to pay for everyone else’s claims, make sure you make a claim when you need to.

•    “My insurance will be canceled if I file a claim.” There are laws prohibiting insurance companies from doing this, so this should not be a worry.

After the hail storm MN

After a hail storm has occurred, call a Minnesota roofing contractor to take care of your roofing issue. Berkeshire Exteriors can take a look for you. All you need to do is call 763-746-4913 to arrange for an inspection. If you have insurance, you can take the damage information and make a claim. If you currently don’t have Minnesota hail damage insurance, now is the time to get it so that you can make claims in the future when damage occurs. Don’t be left with a bill that is bigger than what you should have to pay.

Hail Damage Roofer | Hail Damage Contractor MN

Hail Damage Photo MNHail Damage Roofer MN. Roofing contractors that specialize in roof replacement MN and roof tear off MN, are well equipped to handle the roof replacement process. But not all are equipped to handle the hail damage claim process in Minnesota.

There are several critical things to keep in mind before roof replacement MN, and roof tear off MN.

Understand the labor warranty

This is one of the most common misunderstandings in the roof replacement industry. When a new shingle is installed the shingles carry a manufactures warranty. Important information must be mailed in to trigger the warranty. In most cases, this requires information and a signature from the contractor hired to perform the work. What about the labor portion? Where the shingles installed to manufacture’s specifications? If not properly installed, the shingle warranty is void. Don’t let this happen to you. Look for labor warranties that are all inclusive. The labor warranty should be signed and in writing from the contractor. Most labor warranties offer coverage for only a few years. Don’t hire without understanding labor warranty details. Berkeshire Exteriors workmanship is guaranteed under our exclusive Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty™.

Hail Damage Roofer MN | Hail Damage MN

Berkeshire Exteriors MN – Hail Damage Contractor Blaine MN

Hail Damage MN | Hail Damage Roof MN

Hail Damage MNHail damage roof MN. Your insurance company is better prepared to handle your insurance claim. With years of experience and many detailed plans to minimize your claim payout. Do not let this happen to you!

It pays dividends to have an experienced hail damage consultant present at the time of the insurance adjustment. Knowing the standard process and insurance adjusting nomenclature is important, and being comfortable inspecting a roof proves vital. You DO NOT want a representative working for the insurance company the only professional on site, and the only one familiar with the process.  A good hail consultant will closely evaluated the damage ahead of time and define the scope of damage, then professionally work alongside the adjuster as they adjust the damage. Given the right approach, adjusters will be glad they had assistance, and be comfortable in an agreed scope of damage. This prevents them from having to come back and moves the process ahead very quickly. We would be glad to help!

Get your Free Hail Damage Special Report “9 Critical Things You Must Know Before You Call Your Insurance Company” It will prapare you for what lies ahead.

Call today for a complementary, comprehensive hail damage consultation. (763) 746-4913

Hail Damage Roofing Contractor | Hail Damage Roof MN

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Hail Damage Roofing Contractor | Hail Damage Roof MN

DSC00322Hail damage roofing contractor MN. Minnesota hail damage is here again, with storms passing through town, and the summer weather cycle in full swing. There are several things to keep in mind before selecting a hail damage roofing contractor in the Twin Cities. Rest assured, not all contractors are equipped to handle the insurance negotiation and paperwork process, and perhaps most importantly, are not going to be around if and when warranty issues arise.

Look for hail damage roofing contractor that has a Haag Engineer Certified Hail Damaged Inspectors on staff. This is important credibility when working with insurance adjusters evaluating hail damage. Knowing how to identify size, direction and relative hardness of hail impacts is the foundation of this certification. Knowing when the service life a roof has been shortened or its water shedding ability has been decreased proves extremely important in determining if a roof can be repaired or requires replacement. It’s one thing to look for hail dents and dings; it’s another to be certified in the hail damage evaluation field. Insurance adjusters love working with Haag Engineers because they speak the same language and look for the same things. Berkeshire Exteriors MN has Minnesota’s premier Haag Certified Roof Inspector on staff to help you.

Berkeshire Exteriors is a Minnesota Roofing Contractor based in the Twin Cities.  Each year, hundreds of Minnesota homeowners realize the benefits of working with us on their roof replacement project. It would be our pleasure to demonstrate our capabilities and show you how our unique roof replacement systems will benefit you in replacing your roof. We are happy to schedule a complimentary quick roof evaluation when it’s convenient for you and your schedule, not ours. We are ready to meet any roofing challenge you face and will make your roof replacement project easy!

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Hail Damage MN | MN Hail Damage Roof

Hail Damage MNHail damage Minnesota can be confusing and challenging for homeowners. Not only can managing the hail damage mn restoration process be time consuming and challenging, but the tremendous amount of insurance paperwork, color and material selections, and selecting the right hail damage contractor takes time and energy as well.

Here is some helpful insight to helping with the hail damage mn claim process.

Hail and wind damage adjusters will only consider damage that is 4 feet and higher. Anything lower they tend to call “mechanical damage”, that is damage caused by something other than wind, hail or flying debris.  Weed whips, lawnmowers, children, balls and animals are all examples of things that can cause mechanical damage. An experienced hail consultant knows the difference, and can easily tell the difference between mechanical damage and otherwise four feet and below, and will negotiate this point with you r insurance company. Don’t be fooled by industry jargon and fancy insurance adjuster lingo, get the straight answer from a local and reputable source.

Consult only a hail damage contractor that will successfully negotiate this point with your insurance company. Consult Berkeshire Exteriors. (763) 746-4913

Hail Damage MN | Maplewood Hail Damage | Ham Lake Hail Damage MN

Hail Contractor MN | Hail Damage Roof Photos

Hail Contractor MNHail damage photos. We have a huge archive of hail damage photos MN that we will begin posting on this blog regularly. Taken over the years on roof and in insurance remediation cases. Why? As a trusted resource for Minnesota residents that may have hail damage. Also for those that face a hail damage claim denied, and want an honest look at what hail damage really is. In other words, calling a spade a spade. Not an unrealistic expectation of a new roof imposed by an unscrupulous contractor seeking a fast buck. It’s that to look out for. We are a trusted resource that knows what hail damage is, and knows what hail damage in not.

Hiring the wrong hail contractor mn or a contractor not qualified can be a time bomb waiting to happen. If you have had problems with contractors in the past, you know it can be a costly and painful circumstance. Whether you would like to avoid this from happening again, or are navigating your way through this for the first time, understanding key concepts will make the process easier. One key concept follows.

Not all companies are experienced in insurance claim restoration. In addition to the ability to repair the damage, a company needs solid experience in processing insurance documents, the methods of recovering depreciation monies, handling mortgage company inspections, working with insurance underwriters, using insurance approved estimating software, working in the guidelines of supplemental payments and managing the mountain of paperwork. The ability to manage all facets of the insurance claim restoration process proves important to a well managed project from beginning to end.

For additional info, download our valuable report. “9 Critical Things To Know Before You Call Your Insurance Company”. It is available free at our MN Roofing Contractor website.

Give us a call. (763)-746-4913. It would be our pleasure to demonstrate our capabilities and show you how our unique roof replacement systems will benefit you in replacing your roof. We are happy to schedule a complimentary quick roof evaluation when it’s convenient for you and your schedule, not ours. We are ready to meet any roofing challenge you face and will make your roof replacement project easy!

Hail Contractor MN | Hail Damage Roof Pictures

Hail Damage MN July 14 2009

Hail Damage MN July 2009Hail damage is severe in several parts of Minnesota after hail storm July 14, 2009.

Here is a major factor to consider before you hire a hail damage roofing contractor in Minnesota to repair storm damage.

Only hire a local MN hail damage repair firm. A local hail damage restoration company is not what it used to be. Make sure the company you select is genuinely local, in the following five ways. First, they have not been purchased by a national storm chasing company for use of their Minnesota General Contractors License. Second, they are based in Minnesota, with a permanent business location in the Twin Cities or centrally located in MN. Third, they have their own Minnesota based warranty division. Fourth, they manage their business from inside the State of Minnesota, not from afar, directing activities from a posh office in another state. Lastly, make sure the “genuinely local” company you select will handle all of the needed repairs.

Often national storm chasing companies will appear local to win your insurance claim, and then do not follow through to the end leaving many headaches in between. Specific areas to consider are windows, due to their order time line and complexity. Most contractors want in and out for a quick buck. Trust a firm that is with you for the long haul.

Don’t trust just anyone with your hail damage repair needs, trust a reputable Minnesota Roofing Contractor. Trust Berkeshire Exteriors. (763) 746-4913

Roof Hail Damage Pictures

Roof Hail Damage PicturesRoof hail damage photos are often misleading. Hailstones are chunks of ice produced by the turbulent updrafts of thunderstorms in MN. Hailstones vary in size, shape and hardness. Thus, roof hail damage marks have various sizes, shapes and depths. Hailstone caused impact marks are generally rounded, but not perfectly circular. Hail stone marks are extremely random on a roof.  Equally significant, just because aluminum vents and metal roof flashing are dented does not mean the roof is damage.

Hail damage in Minnesota is common, have an expert look at your roof to determine if there is merit for an insurance claim. Roof hail damage photos are helpful as a reference, but hail cased marks are unique to each storm and each shingle type.

Note the random pattern of these hail stone impact marks in the hail damage photo at left. This is a photo taken after the MN Hail Storm 2008. Notice the exposed asphalt is black indicating recent damage, and the random nature of the size and shape. The larger the hail, typically the fewer and farther apart the impacts are. This is an extreme example. The roof in this picture was deemed a total loss, and replaced by the insurance company. The finished product can be viewed in the see our work section of our Minnesota Roofing Contractor website.

Think you have hail damage? We provide Certified Hail Damage Reports at no charge to Minnesota homeowners. (763) 746-4913