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Hail Damage MN Insurance Claims

Hail Damage MNHail Damage Insurance Claims

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Even if you look at your roof after a hail storm and you don’t see any damage doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. Hail storms can be quite powerful and although the issue may not be visible now doesn’t mean that it won’t make its self known in the form of a leak or shingles that seem to blow away when the wind blows at low speeds.

One way to prevent having to pay an incredible cost again and again after hail storms is to look into Minneapolis hail damage insurance.

What is Minneapolis hail damage insurance?

If you’re not sure what Minneapolis hail damage insurance is, it is insurance that helps you pay for damage that is done to your roof due to hail storms. This Minnesota insurance will save you a lot of money in roof repairs and replacement.

But if you don’t think you need Minneapolis hail damage insurance, think again. Here are some myths and facts surrounding hail damage:

•    “There must not be any damage since no shingles are missing.” The truth behind this statement is that shingles don’t have to be missing. The only way they will be is if the wind blew the right way during the hail storm.

•    “If I don’t have a leak, my roof must be fine.” All you need is for a hail storm to cause small cracks in your shingles. Those cracks grow over time and can cause leakage years down the road.

•    “My roof is brand new and has a manufacturer’s warranty.” Although the manufacturer’s warranty may still be in place, hail damage is always excluded from the warranty.

•    “I don’t have to file an insurance claim if there is very little damage.” If a Minnesota roofing contractor tells you that there is very little damage, you still are able to file a claim because damage is damage.

•    “But my rates will increase if I file a claim.” Why have the insurance if you’re not going to file a claim to fix your roof? Your rates may rise, but rates rise eventually no matter what. Instead of paying your premium to pay for everyone else’s claims, make sure you make a claim when you need to.

•    “My insurance will be canceled if I file a claim.” There are laws prohibiting insurance companies from doing this, so this should not be a worry.

After the hail storm MN

After a hail storm has occurred, call a Minnesota roofing contractor to take care of your roofing issue. Berkeshire Exteriors can take a look for you. All you need to do is call 763-746-4913 to arrange for an inspection. If you have insurance, you can take the damage information and make a claim. If you currently don’t have Minnesota hail damage insurance, now is the time to get it so that you can make claims in the future when damage occurs. Don’t be left with a bill that is bigger than what you should have to pay.

Hail Contractor MN | Hail Damage Roof Photos

Hail Contractor MNHail damage photos. We have a huge archive of hail damage photos MN that we will begin posting on this blog regularly. Taken over the years on roof and in insurance remediation cases. Why? As a trusted resource for Minnesota residents that may have hail damage. Also for those that face a hail damage claim denied, and want an honest look at what hail damage really is. In other words, calling a spade a spade. Not an unrealistic expectation of a new roof imposed by an unscrupulous contractor seeking a fast buck. It’s that to look out for. We are a trusted resource that knows what hail damage is, and knows what hail damage in not.

Hiring the wrong hail contractor mn or a contractor not qualified can be a time bomb waiting to happen. If you have had problems with contractors in the past, you know it can be a costly and painful circumstance. Whether you would like to avoid this from happening again, or are navigating your way through this for the first time, understanding key concepts will make the process easier. One key concept follows.

Not all companies are experienced in insurance claim restoration. In addition to the ability to repair the damage, a company needs solid experience in processing insurance documents, the methods of recovering depreciation monies, handling mortgage company inspections, working with insurance underwriters, using insurance approved estimating software, working in the guidelines of supplemental payments and managing the mountain of paperwork. The ability to manage all facets of the insurance claim restoration process proves important to a well managed project from beginning to end.

For additional info, download our valuable report. “9 Critical Things To Know Before You Call Your Insurance Company”. It is available free at our MN Roofing Contractor website.

Give us a call. (763)-746-4913. It would be our pleasure to demonstrate our capabilities and show you how our unique roof replacement systems will benefit you in replacing your roof. We are happy to schedule a complimentary quick roof evaluation when it’s convenient for you and your schedule, not ours. We are ready to meet any roofing challenge you face and will make your roof replacement project easy!

Hail Contractor MN | Hail Damage Roof Pictures

Roof Hail Damage Pictures

Roof Hail Damage PicturesRoof hail damage photos are often misleading. Hailstones are chunks of ice produced by the turbulent updrafts of thunderstorms in MN. Hailstones vary in size, shape and hardness. Thus, roof hail damage marks have various sizes, shapes and depths. Hailstone caused impact marks are generally rounded, but not perfectly circular. Hail stone marks are extremely random on a roof.  Equally significant, just because aluminum vents and metal roof flashing are dented does not mean the roof is damage.

Hail damage in Minnesota is common, have an expert look at your roof to determine if there is merit for an insurance claim. Roof hail damage photos are helpful as a reference, but hail cased marks are unique to each storm and each shingle type.

Note the random pattern of these hail stone impact marks in the hail damage photo at left. This is a photo taken after the MN Hail Storm 2008. Notice the exposed asphalt is black indicating recent damage, and the random nature of the size and shape. The larger the hail, typically the fewer and farther apart the impacts are. This is an extreme example. The roof in this picture was deemed a total loss, and replaced by the insurance company. The finished product can be viewed in the see our work section of our Minnesota Roofing Contractor website.

Think you have hail damage? We provide Certified Hail Damage Reports at no charge to Minnesota homeowners. (763) 746-4913

Minnesota Hail Damage To Shingles

Hail Damage MN

Hail damage to Minnesota shingles for some people is hard to determine. That’s why a trained eye proves important when the hail damage claim process begins. Here is our take on hail damage to shingles in Minnesota.

Hail Damage To Shingles: When is a shingle damaged by hail?
Functional damage to roofing materials is within two fundamental concepts. A reduction in water-shedding ability, or a reduction in expected service life.

Hail damage MN is specifically identified as:

Pattern of bruising or puncturing of bitumen characteristic of falling hail stones – Fracturing of shingle matting – Bruising near tab edging – Chipped or clipped edges – Size, direction, and relative hardness of hail stones meeting damage threshold requirements. Others.

How is old hail damage vs. new hail damage identified and characterized? What is your insurance companies policy on old hail damage despite a recent hailstorm?

Old hail damage vs. new hail damage is characterized by:

Roundness of fracture – extent of oxidation of fracture surfaces – Frayed or tattering edges – Shrinkage of matting – Discoloration of exposed bitumen coloring. Many others.

What is Minnesota wind damage? How is it identified?

Wind damage is characterized by:

Individual shingle tabs and whole shingles torn from windward side of roof – Creasing along top of tabs – Sealant bonding and fastener release – Impacting debris damage. Others.

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