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Roof Hail Damage Pictures

Roof Hail Damage PicturesRoof hail damage photos are often misleading. Hailstones are chunks of ice produced by the turbulent updrafts of thunderstorms in MN. Hailstones vary in size, shape and hardness. Thus, roof hail damage marks have various sizes, shapes and depths. Hailstone caused impact marks are generally rounded, but not perfectly circular. Hail stone marks are extremely random on a roof.  Equally significant, just because aluminum vents and metal roof flashing are dented does not mean the roof is damage.

Hail damage in Minnesota is common, have an expert look at your roof to determine if there is merit for an insurance claim. Roof hail damage photos are helpful as a reference, but hail cased marks are unique to each storm and each shingle type.

Note the random pattern of these hail stone impact marks in the hail damage photo at left. This is a photo taken after the MN Hail Storm 2008. Notice the exposed asphalt is black indicating recent damage, and the random nature of the size and shape. The larger the hail, typically the fewer and farther apart the impacts are. This is an extreme example. The roof in this picture was deemed a total loss, and replaced by the insurance company. The finished product can be viewed in the see our work section of our Minnesota Roofing Contractor website.

Think you have hail damage? We provide Certified Hail Damage Reports at no charge to Minnesota homeowners. (763) 746-4913